Mother and daughter session in Toulouse

Mother and daughter session are always very touching. Each child has a special link with his or her mother. It’s a link you keep your entire life, no one can replace it, it is unique.

Mother and daughter’s link is even stronger. With the emotions and moment of life that you are sharing, as a woman.

We underestimated the link we have with our parents, brothers, and sisters. But they are the only person who saw you grew up and change. They helped you to become the person you are today.

In this session, Loreleï is a young woman. She is very close to her mother and nourishes the link they have together on a daily basis. They listen to each other stories, share moments of genuine emotion or give support when sadness is around the corner often as possible.

In order to celebrate this connexion they have together, Loreleï offers a mother and daughter session to her mother.

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